How to make £10k a month without the sweat

About The Books

Rent2Rent: Massive Ca$h During A Massive Crash

Rent2Rent™ formula is about taking advantage of the current economic situation. Banks are repossessing thousands of properties that cannot be sold. Millions of first time buyers cannot get on the property ladder. Rent2Rent is the strategy that gives the banks what they want and also gives to the first time buyers a way to get unto the property ladder.

The sole aim of this book is to demonstrate step by step, how I created massive passive income stream for myself using other people’s assets. This is your opportunity to step up and speed up your career in the property industry and then save time to focus on other things.

What should you expect when starting R2R? How do you approach Letting Agents and Private Landlords?

At the end of this book you will learn:

  • How it all started, my ups, downs and sideways.
  • How to invest in Property without having vast amounts of cash as deposits.
  • How to get into property investing for less than £4,000 start up capital.
  • How to gain control of a property for Corporate Letting.
  • How to make up to 100% ROI (Return on Investment) from a property you do not even own.
  • How to create a “Passive Income Stream” from Corporate Letting.
  • How to generate £10,000 per month in passive income within 10 months.

You will learn in this book all my ups and downs, my mistakes and celebrations and how I finally nailed the financial freedom which many people seek in just 10 months.

Rent2Rent: Landlords, Agents, Tenant and The Legal Skills You Need To Consider

I decided to release a second volume of Rent2Rent™ simply because after the first volume, I felt it was necessary to give guidelines to property rules and regulations required by the law of England and Wales. This book is for anybody who has been either on my workshop or on others and who need a good understanding to the ways the parliament has laid down the rules regulating this industry. I know that there might be cowboys out there taking advantage of the system, the landlords or the tenants, this is not what I coach and this not what I preach.

What are the duties of the Landlord from whom we take the properties?

What is the role of the agents also from whom we take properties?

How far will the tenants test our sanity?

How has the Housing Act 1988 changed the landscape of the property industry in England and Wales?

This book is a guide to a good practice of Rent2Rent™ strategy.

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